Why would YOU hire ME?!?

Why would you hire ME? Hmmm… 🤔Hi everyone, it's Kim Renshaw Patterson Realty.🖥You'd probably hire me for my background… it's in IT/Marketing & Negotiating.Utilizing those skillsets to take the best POSSIBLE care of my Real Estate clients. 🤗🐻I don't operate like the average BEAR, but I'll protect you like a BIG MAMA ONE!🎥Utilizing TECHNOLOGY & social media marketing, to get MAXIMUM exposure to TARGET 🎯audiences. Through landing pages and 📞call capture systems.We even put a text rider on your sign that uses GPS , when a potential buyer use this feature it automatically send them a single property website…. and it send me their contact information, so I can follow up👩‍🔧👩‍💻And I've got all the latest technology… I'm not afraid to use it! 📲Why would someone hire you!Kim Renshaw | RealtorCommunity Market Leader📞 805-440-9134📧 KimRenshawHomes@gmail.com🖥 KimRenshaw.comPatterson RealtyLic#1460194

Posted by Kim Renshaw – Central Coast Homes on Sunday, December 2, 2018